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5 Tips To Start The Day

August 28, 20190

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Mornings are a beautiful time where you get time to spend with yourself. It’s the time when you have maximum positive energy and enthusiasm to start your day. Practicing certain habits in the morning can help you to tap your highest productivity. Spending time with yourself and introspecting about your strengths and weaknesses will help you to overcome them. Remember you are your best friend and only you can help and relieve yourself from day to day job insecurities, Stress and Anxiety. Practicing some things in the morning can help you to maintain your state in order to have a successful day!

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul recommends that the best thing to do first in the morning is meditation, i.e., connecting with your own self. That’s the most important and beautiful practice to keep you calm, centered, and balanced throughout the day. This keeps you resourceful to tackle any dramatic situation throughout the day.

The second step is express gratitude – to your mother, father, siblings, spouse, colleagues, and friends – for all the wonderful gifts you have been given, for the moments and opportunities of expressing love, of being with them. These are the wonderful treasures you are having.

The third step is to create a manifestation list, which means in the morning create a mental focus towards your manifestation pointers. Throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month you are going to focus on these particular things so that your mind can be focused or engaged. Otherwise like a monkey mind, it will start chattering here and there and it will get defocused.

The fourth thing is affirmations. Self-talks, giving yourself power talks, affirmation talks – saying “I’m worthy!”, “I’m powerful!” “I’m safe!”, “I’m centered!”, and “I am in the process of the wonderful change in my life”. These are the powerful changes and affirmations that will eventually program your subconscious mind in a different way of thinking as your brain is neuroplastic – that means your brain creates new patterns of thinking always.

The fifth thing is – give your body proper nutrition and exercise. Karma Guru always recommends some sort of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise such as running, stretching and yoga which are wonderful for our body.

So it is best to practice these 5 habits in the morning. They will help you keep yourself energetic, calm, focused and ready to be resourceful throughout the day.

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