Anger Management Not The Answer For Anger Issues Find Out Why

Anger Management is not the answer to anger issues – find out why

August 22, 20190

One of the biggest misconceptions people have towards finding a solution to anger is Anger Management. Fact remains that its not anger management that works! Simply because if one needs to keep managing anger, then how can one be free from unhealthy anger issues?

Usually, Anger Management makes people focus on signs of anger so that they can immediately stop it with techniques such as deep breathing, drinking a glass of water and so on. However, this is all a way to escape the anger, without RESOLVING OR HEALING the anger. In fact, the more you suppress the anger, the more the chances that one day you will explode with anger which could have disastrous results.
So let us get to a real solution for anger. World-renowned Karma Yoga experts and celebrated coaches Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul have worked with scores of people all over the world battling anger issues and successfully helped them transform the issue of anger.

“88%-90% of our brain constitutes the unconscious mind or the unconscious part of our brain”, as rightly said by Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist/scientist who coined the term “unconscious”, where he compared the brain to an iceberg. Hence, 88-90% of our brain is consciously inaccessible to a human. Our unconscious mind stores memories, feelings, traumas and emotions of every single experience, be it genetic memories or right from the time you were in your mother’s womb.

Anger is a DEFENCE MECHANISM created to protect oneself. Every anger issue stems from an unresolved FEAR. The anger is just a façade as the real cause is FEAR. Innate fears of rejection, failure, humiliation, abandonment, loneliness, losing love, attention & support, fear of betrayal, being abused or being attacked are the actual causes behind the expression of anger.

When one feels hurt by their loved ones or somebody closely associated with them, the brain uses the defence mechanism of anger to protect itself from the fear. If you don’t resolve the source of the difficulty, you’ll end up having more anger. The solution is not to suppress the anger or vent it out. The only solution is to resolve the problem from the unconscious level itself, by tapping into the source of the problem. For example, is it the conflict that your parents never expressed their love to you? Is it the conflict that your partner betrayed you? Is it the conflict that you or your family had hardships with money and you fear for your survival? Have you created a defence mechanism that “I have to be angry to protect myself so I cannot be hurt again or taken advantage again”? Is it that you have become over-sensitive about your boundaries and do not want people to intervene, and end up using anger as a defence mechanism?

You have the power to overcome anger issues and liberate yourself from these conflicts. The ancient science of karma resolution and meditation techniques in Karma Yoga Healing is the answer to clear the root cause of such issues and resolve the anger completely.

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Anger Management Dubai

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