Is Anxiety a Most Common Issue for Modern Time?

Anxiety- The Most Common Issue of Modern Times.

June 25, 20190

And the most simple and effective Treatment or solution is to just activate the body’s natural relaxation response through Karma yoga healing techniques and samadhi meditation. Making this a part of your life is the only treatment helpful in conditions of Anxiety disorders and improving your mental and physical health. The truth is that within us resides the calmest & serene lake of wisdom and within us is the most beautiful & powerful pond of kindness & compassion. We just need to dive into ourself to understand it.

As the plane takes you above the clouds and you enjoy the fluffy clouds and beautiful rays of sun penetrating through it, in the similar way the presence of Karma gurus and the knowledge imparted & the techniques and the meditation taught in our classes takes you above time and space, above the gravity of the planets into the nothingness. Only in that state, the true healing takes place. It’s a very powerful meditational technique. Very Very grateful to the karma Gurus who are imparting this abundance of knowledge to the world.

Though Stress and Anxiety have become a most common issue of modern times which is eating every person from inside and the new findings have also shown that stress and anxiety disorder has become more than cancer and heart failure. But there is a 100% solution to it and the solution is Karma Healing techniques.

Worrying is an endless cycle, as worrying makes you more worried and there is no outcome rather it makes you more stressful and creates more Anxiety. If Anxiety is unhealed then it begins to affect your thoughts, behaviors and actions and even your physical health. And Over time, it diminishes your wellbeing and reduces the ability to enjoy life.

Anxiety is controlled by amygdala, a part in our brain which is responsible to store memories and events and on the basis of that similar future events occur in life. Stimulus from people or environment does not create anxiety. It is the overreaction of the amygdala which leads to anxiety. It is a false signal in the brain which needs to be calmed down and retrained. The choice of response is based on imprints which are already created in the unconscious mind from past experiences.

All imprints of past actions and situations take shape in your current & future decisions and state of mind and even the kind of relationships or work or career you get into. No amount of logic or reasoning is going to stop the stress & anxiety. It requires Supreme Pure Consciousness intervention, Karma Yoga healing, and Amygdala retraining. As for retraining, the amygdala will help in changing the choices that we make in the highest and the best way. This is the best Treatment or the solution for Anxiety disorders.

The ancient 8th Chakra Meditation technique which is also called Samadhi or transcendence meditation along with scientifically proven Karma Healing technique, has proven to eliminate anxiety. It is a powerful technique to cleanse the unconscious mind as it takes you back to the root cause of disturbances and heals from there. The regular practice of karma healing guided meditations and healings help in releasing negative feelings, unconscious blocks, and patterns, memories, oaths and vows which do not serve. It provides you with resourceful energy that can be used to reduce anxiety. Only by working on the source of the issues one can attain positive mental health and live a happier life.

Many people have been healed of their Anxiety issues by taking Karma Healing sessions by world’s finest healers, Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, and Sumeet Kaul and also by attending prestigious seminars of Science of consciousness and karma yoga healing.

The technique not only reduces stress and anxiety but also balances the chakras, builds internal strength and maintains the vitality. It balances the glandular and the nervous system, releases impurities and toxic elements from our body and makes you calm, quiet, harmonious, bright and beautiful within. The breath rate will become slower with the regular practice which will help in stabilizing the thought process. It will take you out from the fearful state of the past and future and It’s a complete preventive Treatment for Anxiety. At Karma guru Academy we use combinations of various techniques to help the client to come out of the issue completely to live a happy and blissful life.

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