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April 27, 20200

The immune system is the inner defence system that helps to protect us against disease-causing organisms called pathogens. Not all micro-organisms are bad for us. In fact, without the good microbes, our biology does not function. Immunity from diseases is actually enabled by two kinds of defence systems – specific & non-specific. The specific system is tailored to a certain type of pathogens, whereas, the non-specific system repels all micro-organisms equally. The immune functioning also helps to eliminate abnormal cells of the body, such as cancer. Most organisms regularly exposed to in daily life are naturally repelled before they cause any obvious signs or symptoms of disease.

Now let’s talk about the sensational virus which is on everyone’s radar, the coronavirus. This is a fairly new family of viruses that came into existence for humans and hence, our immune system is not trained to deal with it.
The inbuilt immune system provides nonspecific defence through a number of parameters, such as physical guards like membrane or skin, chemical barriers such as antimicrobial proteins that destroy or harm invaders, and cells that attack foreign bodies and body cells that hold infectious agents.

In the case of COVID-19 virus, the respiratory system is the victim of an attack. The skin and the mucous membrane linings of the respiratory tracts provide the first line of defence against invasion by microbes or parasites. The coronavirus with its spikes gets attached to the membrane and proliferates, leading to rapid spread within the respiratory system. Since the immune system is still new to this invader, in most cases, it succumbs to the virus.

Our body is much attuned to our emotions. Every organ in the body has atonality. The tonality of the respiratory system is to take the “breath of life”. That is why “fear” is a huge blow to the respiratory system as it creates a “gasp reflex” when there is a scare, fear of death or fear of sickness. The brain signals the lungs to take in more oxygen which will make the lungs expand by increasing its surface area.

So fear is the main culprit. If you feel you need to defend yourself from the coronavirus, then you have just flared up your respiratory system and your immune system goes for a toss. You can only attract something into your system that can reverberate with the tonality of the organ housing it. So it can be said that the coronavirus can only stay inside you if you have a vibration that matches its frequency.

When you have unworthiness (feeling of not being good enough), then you are attacking your own self. This is where your immune system also weakens. Your immune system cannot guard you when you attack yourself!

With everyone talking about immunity and the food that boosts immunity being so important these days, let’s understand that something even more important that affects your immunity is – your Emotional Health. Feeling worthy of yourself and loving yourself is the most important to build your immunity.

Research has proven how meditation helps to improve your immunity by relaxing your mind and allowing organic  Healing Anxiety & stress of your body. It is important to acknowledge the real reason behind your unworthiness issues, in order to truly release them and disentangle completely.
So instead of wearing just a face mask to protect you, please send yourself some love to truly protect yourself!


April 23, 20200

Mornings are beautiful times where you can spend time with yourself. It’s the time when you have maximum positive energy and enthusiasm to start your day. Practising certain things in the morning can help you to tap into your highest productivity.


STEP 1: The first thing best recommended to do in the morning is MEDITATION, which is nothing but connecting with your own self. That’s the most important beautiful thing to keep you calm centred, balanced, throughout the day so that any dramatic situation can be tackled.

STEP 2: The second step is to express GRATITUDE to our mother, father, siblings, spouse for all the wonderful gifts you have been given. Cherish moments and opportunities of expressing love, of being with them. These are wonderful treasures you have in life.

STEP 3: The third step is to create a MANIFESTATION LIST! It means, that in the morning you create a mental focus towards your manifestation pointers and throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month you are going to focus on these particular things so that your mind can be focused or engaged. Otherwise like a monkey mind, it will start chattering here and there and it will get defocused.

STEP 4: The fourth step is AFFIRMATIONS, self-talks. Give yourself power talks, affirmation talks such as, “I am worthy!”, “I am powerful!”, “ I am safe!” , “I am centred !”, “I am in the process of wonderful changes in my life”.  These are the powerful changes and affirmations that will eventually, over a period of time, Program your Subconscious Mind in a different way of thinking. Your brain is neuroplastic, that means your brain always creates new patterns of thinking.

STEP 5: The fifth step is GIVE YOUR BODY PROPER NUTRITION AND PROPER EXERCISE. It is always recommended to do some sort of aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercises like running or stretching or even yoga is wonderful for your body.

So it is highly recommended to practice these 5 steps in the morning before going ahead with your usual chores. These 5 steps will keep you energetic, calm, focused and ready to be engaged throughout the day.


April 16, 20200

Karma Yoga is a beautiful amalgamation of words where Karma is the universal law of Cause and effect. Yoga means controlling the breath with simple meditation. To further explain, it’s the consequence of every action taken. The action could be taken in one’s current life or could be genetically passed down through ancestors. Karma Yoga is the yoga of mind which allows one to unlock their true potential and transform their karmas.

Karma yoga is one of the most effective and ancient meditation and mindfulness techniques that can effectively transform one’s life completely. One becomes aware of the deep-seated problems lying within relationships, health or wealth and is able to completely resolve them.

It is one of the most ancient techniques taught in the most simple and scientific way. It’s something that’s universal and everyone can relate to and incorporate in their daily life in order to reach their best potential and be able to sail smoothly through life, understanding the highest enlightened perspective.

Karma Yoga is a beautiful amalgamation of words where Karma is the universal law of Cause and effect. Yoga means controlling the breath with simple Meditation. To further explain, it’s the consequence of every action taken. The action could be taken in one’s current life or could be genetically passed down through ancestors. Karma yoga is the yoga of mind which allows one to unlock their true potential and transform their karmas.

The meaning of Karama Yoga

Karma yoga is one of the most effective and ancient meditation and mindfulness techniques that can effectively transform one’s life completely. One becomes aware of the deep-seated problems lying within relationships, health or wealth and is able to completely resolve them.

It is one of the most ancient techniques taught in the most simple and scientific way. It’s something that’s universal and everyone can relate to and incorporate in their daily life in order to reach their best potential and be able to sail smoothly through life, understanding the highest enlightened perspective.

What will you learn?


It is scientifically proven that emotional pain activates the same parts of the brain as physical pain does. So if one is facing an emotional conflict continuously for a certain span of time, it ends up manifesting physically as a disease. Chronic diseases are also created due to genetic reasons, which is not only through your parents but your family lineage and ancestors as well.

Karma yoga helps in understanding the conflict that lies within through tapping into the subconscious mind, which shows what needs to be released from within. This in turn helps to address and remove the emotional blocks held within.


Having healthy and good relationships is the key to having an enjoyable life. Karma yoga will help you learn to understand problems in relationships can stem from factors such as unconscious beliefs that are created due to Family and Genetic defaults.

Karma yoga includes methods such as Karma source memory healing – where you can exactly understand the memories and the beliefs that have been the root cause of the drama in relationships; Forgiveness Meditation – which helps in letting go of grudges and old resentments; Inner child Meditation – which heals relationship with yourself; Family unconscious & Ancestral Defects Healing Meditation – for resolving genetic defects. 

Wealth and Career

A lot of people have inbuilt unconscious beliefs regarding money, for eg: “Money is the root of all evil”, “Money is hard to get”. These beliefs are programmed from an early age and this mindset results in a person continuously being in a state where they slog but achieve minimal benefits and results.

Karma yoga involves tapping into the Samadhi or transcendence state which allows one to visualize and manifest their desires with the purest intentions. Mantras and affirmations are also done by tapping into the Samadhi state resulting in a zero brainwave frequency where the affirmations can directly be downloaded into the subconscious mind without efforts.

What are the Benefits?

It is said that with the blessings of the right teacher one can transform their lives. Karma Yoga Healing techniques taught by the great master Mr.Sumant Kaul have been implemented by him throughout his life and he is the living example of how one can create whatever they want with integrity and morality.

Learn how to tap into the highest version of yourself and decode the exact reason for any suffering and alter it completely, provided the techniques are followed with true dedication. Understand the consequences of actions that are taken and avoid creating more challenges in life.



April 13, 20200

All of us would agree to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of a kind. A global upheaval of this magnitude has never been experienced in recent times, at least since the last 100 years. And, hence, the loom of stress and Anxiety with this lockdown is a natural by-product.

The very fact that this pandemic has created a change in our environment is a trigger for stress. Coupled with the irrational fear of being helpless and powerless, this perceived danger then becomes a cause for anxiety. Biologically, stress is a natural response to a change in environment. Intellects often say that stress is good, as it challenges us. But do we really need stress to motivate ourselves?

It is necessary to understand that today we are an evolutionary product from the primitive man. In primitive times, a predator such as a tiger would mean danger. In response, our adrenal glands would produce adrenaline that would give us the rush to take “flight”. The other option being to “fight”.

In the modern world, we are still driven by the “flight & fight” response within our biology. But, where is the tiger? Where is the fight? Our environment has changed such that, difficult bosses, abusive partners or a global pandemic such as a virus is the ‘predator’ to our brain now. And those who fail to take flight, end up fighting – both externally and internally. The “fight” manifests as anger. Whereas the “flight” manifests as depression – a state of total despair, of closing the heart and going inwards.

We still get the rush of adrenaline, but since there is no actual fight or flight, the adrenaline eventually paves the way for secretion of cortisol which is the actual stress hormone. Cortisol has a very damaging effect on our cells, by degenerating them; leading to the formation of virulent cells called free radicals. The immune system gets naturally overworked during a stress phase, eventually leading to a collapse.

So are you fighting the COVID-19 virus? Do you feel you need to beat the COVID-19 virus? If yes, you have naturally activated your “predator”, the stressor for your brain.

You do not need to fight. You only need to acknowledge and accept. All fears pertaining to job security, finance, health and family are largely coming from the memories of past experiences already recorded in your brain. You need to reform this. The brain needs to be rewired to be resourceful during these times. The age-old wisdom of deep Samadhi (transcendence) state Meditation and inner transformation is the answer to this. One needs to heal the karma, i.e., the cause behind the effect you are experiencing. Otherwise, karma is a cycle, it will revisit you. When you heal the karmic causes of stress, even people who are like a virus in your life will leave your paradigm. It is highly advisable that one educates themselves with life skills such as meditation and Karma Healing so as to combat any situation life brings forward.

The stress is not outside, it’s inside you. You can heal it. And so can you heal the virus. You don’t have to beat the COVID-19 virus. Beat the stress!



April 9, 20200

There is coaching for engineering, there is coaching for mathematics, there is coaching to be a driver. Then to have a good relationship, why there is no coaching? Why is no one working on that? Even to work in a factory one needs to have proper training. To handle the BIGGEST responsibility in life of marriage or companionship, there is no training! No one is working on it. The most important thing in life what matters to you, no one is doing work on that. No one is learning how to manage a good Relationship. If you get depressed because of a failed relationship and you feel that it will never work out and you will never be able to love again, start to do mindfulness work. You need to heal this specifically through Karma Yoga Healing. 

One needs to release the emotions and the feelings of betrayal, of rejection, the emotion that “I am unworthy to have love. This is a tremendous amount of pain and trauma. This needs to be released. This makes you feel that you have to close your heart to protect yourself. Maybe you feel “I don’t have anybody in my life again to love”. But the first thing one needs to have is immense FAITH that there is this person there all ready for you. 

A lot of times what happens is that we have these unreasonable expectations as well of having a Hollywood film star because we have been amazed by movies. But in reality, a lot of times we get people with whom we may have issues and these issues need to be resolved. Both people need to work on themselves to upgrade their Relationship. Learn how to manage a good relationship. Often people know how to manage a good factory, how to manage a good business, but they do not know how to manage a decent relationship with their husband or wife.

One reason for this is because they have gone through bad role modelling as well. Their parents may not have been good role models. Secondly, they themselves must have gone through some experiences of abuse, betrayal as a teenager or as an adult. These dramatic experiences damage one’s self-esteem so much that one does not even trust themselves that they can find love again. After releasing these emotions and then choosing to have trust, creating a lot of faith in yourself, amazingly, you will have a wonderful relationship. You can get married and have kids as well. From a starting point of not wanting to be in a relationship to eventually having kids, this shift can happen. Not because of change in the situation, it is because of the change in YOUR OWN SELF. Unless you are able to work on your own self, to coach yourself, how will you be able to transform and change situations? You have to work on yourself, coach yourself. It is not always about situations. A lot of times it is about you, it is about yourself. A lot of times people may not be nice to you, but to say that all the people in the world are bad is also incorrect. This is the truth.



April 3, 20200

We are in times of one of the greatest upheavals to strike the 21st century, with the outbreak of COVID-19 virus since late 2019. In the face of this enormous pandemic, many have been seeking answers to why this is happening. Why is the nature of this pandemic such that, social distancing and hygiene is the only solution, irrespective of the best medical technology or wealth that is available across the globe? The virus has managed to transcend across borders, cultures, religion and society, crippling even the richest nations and royalties.

History is testimony that roughly every 100 years a global shift occurs that steers the earth towards optimizing itself.  This pandemic because of COVID-19 too is here to create a huge global metamorphosis. If you think of it, isn’t the current lockdown and social distancing forcing everyone to pause and introspect?

Nature has its way to bring a shift in consciousness. The microbial virus is just a guest that is coming into an environment where it can thrive. You are the host of this virus. A guest can only be at a party where the host has invited them. An invader can always be kicked out by a host. Then why is it that people are unable to eliminate this COVID-19 virus from their body? Some people recover fast while some are unable to survive. Some are infected instantaneously, whereas some are left unscathed.

We need to understand that this virus has come to teach us some valuable lessons and show us the mirror to what we breed within us. The energy of grief, sorrow, unworthiness, fear, jealousy and hatred is the real virus within us. If we need to decode from a karmic perspective, it can be said that the saturation of unwholesome thoughts in the global consciousness is what could have unleashed this viral pandemic. The time has come for the accumulated dense energy on earth to be lifted, with global sanitation and hygiene drives being a clear indicator of this.

Hence, we need to go beyond observing this to be a crisis. We need to accept this as an opportunity to change ourselves to a better version. Those who resist positive changes are the greatest sufferers. A shift need not happen very conveniently. It could jolt you out of your comfort zone and force you to do something you may never have done! This is what we need to accept with grace. We are all here for a divine purpose. Sometimes we need to be awakened from slumber to realize what we are here for. This is one such opportunity.

We can only let go of inner vices through deep introspection and Karma Healing. The most ancient wisdom of Samadhi (transcendence) meditation and Karma Yoga teaches one the complete techniques to raise our vibration and inculcate mindfulness. We need to bring peace within ourselves. We need to choose wholesome positive thoughts, words and actions and we need to choose food of high vibration.

You do not have to beat the virus. You need to acknowledge the real issue and transmute the virus to pure consciousness energy. This is not a war, this is co-existence.




March 31, 20200

The history of energy healing traces back to thousands of years when energetic highways called meridians were discovered by healers. The study of the intricate network of these energy meridians has lead to a breakthrough in alternative medicine, where a practitioner is able to channel the universal life force (prana or chi) through the meridians and impart healing to a client.

Energy Healing Dubai

The significance of energy healing lies in bringing about an instantaneous physiological effect on the person receiving the healing. It is a completely non-invasive process of balancing the energy dynamics within the physical body. The human body is made of layers of energy, which is a scientifically proven fact. The universal life force (prana) is the basic constituent and source of all life. Even the physical body is born out of prana energy where the flow of energy within the physical body has a strong connection with physical and physiological illnesses. The electromagnetic field around the physical body is directly influenced by the state of health at physical, emotional, mental and spirit level of a person. Energy Healing provides a solution to restore the blocks, obstructions and imbalances within this field, by channelling the divine energy through the hand chakra (energy center on palm)
As taught by Karma Guru, ancient techniques of energy healing involve a systematic movement of hands to pull out excessive unbalanced energies and to infuse healing energies.

However, Energy healing is not just about swishing of hands. The quality of energy depends on the vibration of the practitioner. Absolute morality and virtuousness is to be exercised by someone who practices Energy Healing as only then the highest connection with source energy is achieved. The practitioner enters into a deep state of Transcendence where there is nothing but pure consciousness energy, only light. The basic raw material of creation is all that is imperative in bringing about an instant healing.


March 18, 20200

Karma guru Academy and Wellness Center is a unique Wellness destination in the heart of Dubai at Umm Sequim. The center is blessed with the highest and purest energy of Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul themselves … The center Where the miraculous healings take place. Everyday, life-transforming personal healing sessions and healing meditations & consultations with therapists are scheduled to help people in the highest and best way. People from all walks of life and all ages come in search of the solutions for their distressing life issues, be it health wealth or relationships and they are very well helped by our expert & dedicated team of Karma Guru Academy and wellness center.

The ancient meditations &karma healing techniques taught here empowers you to transform your emotional, physical, mental well being. The healing sessions by the expert members of our Wellness Center will completely detoxify the emotional toxins and relationship issues.

The ancient Kashmiri Shavic techniques at the center will enhance mental, physical and emotional well being by resolving the deep hidden karmic issues from the source. The center gives an opportunity to empower everyone to learn this technique and bring positive changes in their entire lifestyle and so to help their loved ones as well.

The powerful guided meditations and healing techniques practiced every day at the Wellness Center helps in

  • clearing our Karmas
  • purifies the chakras

Regular practice of Samadhi Meditation and Karma Healing helps to activate Kundalini Shakti.

  • It helps in attaining peace harmony and tranquility
  • Rejuvenates mind and body
  • Helps in overcoming Anxiety & stress
  • Enhances Memory
  • It Helps in tapping the lowest brain frequencies where all the wonders happen
  • deep relaxation hormones, and anti-aging hormones are secreted during meditation
  • Karma healing technique helps in resolving issues related to health wealth and relationship

Our Wellness center is the one stop destination to heal every aspect of life- be it health wealth relationship and helps detoxify the very core of the being by inculcating mindful life transforming knowledge…. Which is so important and prime need of today’s generation.

The seminars and retreats designed at our Wellness center are for complete mental detox & physical detox which harmonizes the body, mind and soul for good health, Longevity, Happiness, managing cordial relationship with your loved ones and helps you create the life you want and the wellness retreats leads to new awakenings and helps in letting go of the self-created subconscious blocks, fears, insecurities ,disturbing emotions & inner conflicts and the highest knowledge and energy of the masters helps to liberate from the heavy gigantic karmic cycle and helps to connect with your highest purest self and helps to know your true potential.

It is truly a blissful Wellness experience designed for mental makeover and rejuvenation. People with busy lifestyle and occupations can also be benefited by easy and effective techniques and guided meditations at our wellness center in a limited period of time through daily scheduled meditations & different themed workshops.

Also available are the life changing seminars with the world-renowned masters and phenomenal retreats to know your true self and true potential.
We at Karma Guru Academy and wellness center empower people with highest knowledge imparted by the purest of the teachers karma guru Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul.

We wish all to create abundance joy and happiness, peace and Harmony.


February 24, 20200

Go back into the Childhood and remember the time when you learned the first lessons in the school. You didn’t know how to sit properly in the class, how to hold a pencil and how to draw a simple line. You required proper assistance and guidance and for that, the teacher or your parents were there to help you & amp; guide you through the process. Similarly, on this earth, you require a Master who can guide you through the process of meditational techniques. This is the most important and highest education of life and it requires professional help and it can
be learned from a master who has already mastered the technique.

To learn meditation, you need to learn certain techniques. It’s not that you just read a chapter on meditation and start meditating. it doesn’t work that way. you have to learn how to meditate in professional classes.

At Karma Guru Academy we teach the Highest forms of meditations on earth. The 8 th Chakra meditation or Samadhi (Transcendental) Meditation as taught by the Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul in its original form which is more than 60,000-year-old technique, of Adi Yogi Shiva, the first yogi on this Universe. This is one of the 112 techniques available for enlightenment. Blessed are the those who get a chance to learn directly from the Karma Gurus who come from the lineage of Kashmiri Shavic Brahmins.

Samadhi or Transcendental Meditation which is taught in our classes along with Karma yoga healing techniques alters one’s brain frequency to Delta state and with practice even beyond Samadhi (Transcendental state). With regular practice, you can attain the state in which you are physically present but you are not breathing through the nose, you are breathing from Kriya breath. Words cannot define that state. The state of nothingness has to be experienced by oneself.

Transcendental Meditation Dubai

When you do samadhi meditation, the pineal gland gets activated and secretes Melatonin which is a master hormone and powerful antioxidant in the body. It rejuvenates your cells, Improves sleep quality and overall health, boosts the immune system, Lowers blood pressure levels, slows the aging process, heals chronic pains, improves self-esteem and it has many more benefits.

The 8 th chakra has all the memories of your existence of your soul and that of your karmic existence. So once you tap into that, the real game starts and then with intense practice and following 11 steps of Karma yoga you can go beyond the dimensions, that is, you can get enlightenment just like prophet Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus Christ got. Yes, enlightenment is possible.

Enlightenment doesn’t mean that you are going to go away from this earth or no longer exist. Enlightenment means wisdom, which means we get the highest wisdom like Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, so that you can take the highest and best decisions in your life like they were able to.

The Yogi who practices this technique continuously it becomes easy for them to activate prana Kundalini, fulfilling all the worldly desires in the highest and the best way.

And with more practice and following 11 steps of Karma yoga one can activate Chit Kundalini, where he or she understands that they themselves are divine….and Are the divine atoms of this cosmos and with the power of their thought he or she has created this body.

The Transcendental Meditation taught in our seminars of the science of consciousness and Karma Yoga healing takes one out from the impure consciousness of negative and positive and frees the practitioner from the realms of mind, thoughts, and patterns. Its takes us even beyond the concepts of happiness and sadness. It takes you to the pure awareness where happiness and sadness doesn’t bother. As Pure Awareness is the only reality and rest are Mental concepts. The realization and experience that one gets in the retreats and seminars with Karma Gurus is amazing. When you get healed of the limitations of concepts and identifications then your true self is revealed.

Come and experience the highest Samadhi (Transcendental) meditational technique with Karma Gurus and Allow the beautiful revelations to happen. All these characters that you play are illusions …. As Your true self is undefined!!! It’s a Once in a lifetime opportunity to come out of the Drama of Duality…


February 24, 20200

Anger is just an illusion… An illusion that you have created to protect yourself. The biggest lie that
people have been told that there is something called anger management. There is no Anger management.
In Fact, when anger comes it ends up managing you. This biggest revelation is done by Karma Guru
Sumeet Kaul.

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul- the world’s best healer and mentor, has done intense research on the healing
aspect of the negative emotions, diseases, relationship issues, money issues etc.. According to him,
Anger is just a façade. The source of anger is fear. People who are angry have some sort of fear. It can
be fear of humiliation, unworthiness, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, and lack of love & support or feeling
abuse and attack.

There is a source of fear when your loved ones are hurting you or people in your profession are creating
some issues that make you angry. At that time you use anger as a defense mechanism to protect yourself
from these fears.

If you don’t heal yourself or resolve the source of difficulty, you will end up having anger. At the point of
anger, lot of people say that for Anger Management you should take ten long deep breaths and
eventually your anger will be resolved. It is all a lie. As the issue is not resolved completely by applying
this breathing technique. In fact the more you suppress the anger, the more you will explode one day
and that’s even more dangerous. You should never suppress the anger nor you should explode it.

In that case Karma Healing helps in resolving the anger by tapping into the source of the problem.
Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul and their team of expert teachers and healers are helping
people throughout the globe to come out of the issues be it health wealth relationship issues or
emotional disturbances. By applying these techniques, one will be able to go to the root cause of the
anger. Will come to know, why anger is coming to them? What is the fear that you are having deep down
inside in the subconscious mind that’s causing you this anger? It’s a fear that your parents didn’t love
you. It’s a fear that your partner betrayed you.


Anger Management Dubai

So understand that is it a fear that’s making you frustrating that you fear losing money that is causing
you anger, that you are always angry to protect yourself, that once again you cannot be hurt, that once
again people cannot take advantage of you. So these are all defense mechanism that makes a person
angry to protect themselves. This is amazing research done by Karma guru Sumeet Kaul.

According to him, people who create these defense mechanisms are more sensitive to their boundaries
and hence use anger to protect themself. He suggests that when you clean the fear, the anger will
naturally be resolved. As Anger is just an illusion that you have created to protect yourself.

Lot of people advise that you should do some sort of breathing process so as to do Anger Management
to calm down your anger. That is not completely correct. The best solution given by him, is that
whenever you get angry, you need to be mindful at that point of time that what is the exact emotion that
is creating anger for you. So the exact technique is that you need to acknowledge the emotion. Once you
acknowledge the emotion that is coming from fear of unworthiness or humiliation or feeling taken
advantage of or feeling betrayed, as this is the emotion that is bothering you at that point of time. Karma
Healing helps in Acknowledging the terrible fear behind the anger and helps in releasing the emotions
and sensations safely from the nervous system.

It is your mind that is angry. Understand that every situation is not under your control. You cannot
change the situations but can have control over your mind thereby affecting the situation. Regular
practice of Karma healing and meditations makes you more resourceful in every situation and thereby
situation will get managed as this wonderful technique helps you to stay calm. So you can do calmness
management not Anger Management. This is the biggest realization. Suggested by Karma guru Sumeet

In our seminars, we teach people the profound techniques using the blend of ancient and modern
techniques and hands-on experience & Knowledge of Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul And Sumeet kaul
makes it extraordinary.

We can manage every emotion, every situation in our life. Its just that our mind requires training for
calmness management and how to deal with every situation without creating more Anger. Karma healing
is the perfect solution for mankind for a complete mind makeover.

Stories of Transformation
Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.
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