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The answer to creating the best script for your life

We often think of a family tree for making a photo collage or for a kid’s project at school, to know our roots. But have you ever thought of digging deep into your roots to resolve issues you face in life?

Stories never die. The gene factors of the DNA record every single experience and pass it down through the DNA to progenies. According to epigenetics, this is more of a survival programme. When your forefathers have undergone a traumatic experience, the information is preserved in the gene factors for the sake of progenies, so that they know how to deal with it. Now, this sounds like a great purpose, although there is a catch– progenies get stuck in the same loop of suffering and unresolved conflicts, like their ancestors. Instead of learning to overcome it, the pattern runs along generations without a resolution.

Adiyogi Shiva being the first teacher of meditations leading one to highest self-realization had actually given the ultimate solution to such karmic patterns. The story can be put to rest only when one gets the highest self-realization, learning & virtues through supreme pure consciousness, thereby, cutting the karmic cords through the process of Karma Yoga (mindfulness).

So now the question arises as to how one gets to that highest point? The answer is simple- get yourself a mentor who knows the real deal. There is no alternative to that. Second, practice a real technique of self-realization as per ancient scriptures coming from teachings of none other than Adiyogi. To sum it up, Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is your answer – a legendary pioneer in Karma Yoga Healing (shiva technique) and a teacher as well as intuitive par excellence.

A technique of self-realization takes one to the realm of greatest awareness. Invariably this happens only through intense sadhna (the practice of meditation).

In the ancient scriptures, it is mentioned that one should not delay working on ancestral defects. A Pitru Dosh or ancestral defect is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors and is to be paid by the person affected. Many people in the world are affected without knowing about it and continue suffering.

In simple words, an ancestral defect is formed when a person’s ancestors or forefathers have committed some unmindful karmas, crimes or sins, the consequences of which are borne by subsequent generations. When knowingly or unknowingly our ancestors committed mistakes or sins, being their children, one is destined to suffer from the ill-effects. They end up going through this until the debt is cleared either by taking the punishment or by transforming them through proper knowledge and action, which is exactly what Karma Guru Sumant Kaul teaches across the globe today.

Ancestral defects weigh down heavily in families that went through wars, partitions, suicide, abortions, still-born deaths, miscarriages, abuse of women, divorces, disputes, rivalry and other traumatic events that have left scars in the psyche of the family consciousness.

In order to balance such karmas, firstly the unhealed trauma within the ancestor needs to be acknowledged. This means one needs to take responsibility & accept what has happened. This is most important. Secondly, we need to express our gratitude to ancestors with honor & respect so as to complete the karma resolution.

And accomplished karma yoga healers Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul are the torch bearers to enlighten the world with the actual knowledge to resolve ancestral defects from the source.


The science of Karma Healing can be the break-through you are looking for


In a normal world, there are quite a number of stress busters one can think of: movies, music, yoga, parks, beach, meditation and many more to suit one’s taste. However, are we looking just at a temporary escape from harsh realities? Are we just scrambling for brain candies to shun the inner demons, at least briefly?

Let’s address it – the stress is always there, round the corner, waiting to kick back. And with that comes the whole gamut of health related issues. It is like manually correcting the printed copy, without rectifying the computer programme. The very reason for stress is the biological programming at the unconscious level of our mind. The body creates its own fight or flight response to every situation one experiences. And the choice of response is based on imprints already created in the mind from previous experiences. This means every episode of your life has created psychological imprints already and is currently shaping your future decisions, state of mind and for that matter even the kind of relationships or work you get into.

So what if the very cause behind the effect of stress, is worked upon? All we need to do is tune in to the unconscious mind, which works at a low brain frequency. And hence, one takes the help of a meditation technique. However, it’s not just any meditation that changes the entire thought process, but a complete karma healing from source, as world-renowned Karma Yoga mentors Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul teach.

Look nowhere else if one is actually looking for an ancient meditation technique of self-realization that can de-clutter the mind, as Karma Guru has an answer.

The biological programming of our body & mind that kick-starts a stress trigger can be traced to its roots, to unlock knots in the mind. The meditative process as taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is the easiest & most effective way.

In the highest way of living, an enlightened teacher teaches that one is composed of light and that light is your essence. Your body has been created from light.

Live a life that has been given to you. Light and matter are inter-convertible.  Light is your essential nature of the body.  Light can spread, light can travel, light can superimpose and light can bend to create all colours of a rainbow. Every chakra (energy centre) of the body radiates a colour of the rainbow.

When you are in pure love, your light creates a beautiful rainbow-like energy around you.  The biggest power of the light is to brighten and heal the world, as one learns through Karma Yoga from Karma Guru Sumant Kaul.

When you spread your light essence, the light around your environment shines too.  The people around you will also have an increased vibration.   Just the way people feel in the company of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul

A steady vibration of good health prevails around masters who meditate and devote their life to meditation.  People think the masters are just sitting idle.  On the contrary, these masters are working on their karmas at a subtle level.  If one would experience their light body, it is seen to stretch beyond the physical outline.   They are omnipresent and all knowing.

Humans have to meditate on this light and with divine concentration, see it expand, as its basic essence is to spread.  With our limited awareness and daily difficulties, we put holes in our light body.  The biggest way that we keep holes in our light body is by storing anger for different people.  That’s why our consciousness doesn’t expand as we have a lot of pending work to do.   Karma Guru Sumant Kaul teaches exactly how you can resolve them with ease.

Those who have experienced expansion in consciousness can truly feel the power of divine, realizing that this earth is minuscule in the grand scheme of things.  It is such a sublime experience where oneness is experienced and one is able to experience its true self.

Then when you call yourself nothing or everything – it doesn’t matter.  Stress, would just be a manageable task. You have the help. All thanks to our amazing Karma Guru Sumant Kaul !!



Karma Yoga Healing is a powerful meditation technique involving the practice of 11 principles and 12 virtues in your life, which will make your thoughts very powerful along with a heightened awareness. You will be able to tap into Samadhi State and heal your subconscious program of self-sabotage and suffering. Karma Yoga Healing will help you release the energy of burden karma which has been passed on to you by your ancestors; from your Genes, DNA and your aura. This will also help you heal mental disturbances, disorders and ancestral defects

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul are the pioneers of Karma Healing, a technique that helps a person to address and resolve the Karmic issues attached to the soul.


If someone among a person’s ancestors has dies in young age, teh new generation might unconsciously project the energy of their soul by slowing their brain down and numbing their senses. Slowely, this may end up in depression for the family as the soul of deceased family member still connects with the soul of everybody else in the family

Suicidal Tendencies

When there are incidents of traumatic accidental deaths and untimely passing of a family member in the past, their soul seeks acknowledgment, and if that doesn’t happen, it creates intense suicidal tendencies in the coming generations. As there are the mass slaughter and killing happening in Iraq and Syria now, so many people have lost their family and their homes. Their children might suffer from suicidal tendencies in the future as the souls of family members remains distressed.


If a person is deprived of memories due to an accident or shock in your family, there are all the chances that those events have a repercussion over your life and you might have Schizophrenia. The only way to counter this possibility is to acknowledge those Souls and their Karma, and neutralize the bad effects of it through Karma Healing.

Karma Healing’s benefits for Mental Disorders:

  • Calms the mind which has been aggravated due to the effects of the Karma
  • Removes negative emotions, traumatic experiences, and fears from the soul
  • Helps a person to remain focused and take correct decisions
  • Improves mental health and gives stability to emotions
  • Improves learning abilities
  • boosts the secretion of healing hormones in the body
  • Helps to release the suppressed grief/ sadness from the soul
  • Removes the fears hidden in a soul
  • Improves family bonding and relationships
  • Counters the bad effects of deeds by the ancestors

Karma Yoga and Ancestral Defects

The karma of our ancestors and our family holds a huge impact on our lives. We are a branch of our family tree so naturally, we experience the good and bad effect of everyone’s Karma. Ancestral defects are old negative beliefs, emotions, or Karmic oaths that create fear, hatred, anger in a person. And they can also create suicidal tendencies, phobia, financial difficulties, health problems, and curses attached to the future generations. This is what we call Pitru Dosha or effects of the Karma of our ancestors.

It is just like a genetic disorder, the effects of ancestors’ Karma is forwarded to the next generation. The karma of the ancestors has an impact on the progeny as their information is passed on through genes and the DNA.

KARMA YOGA HEALING helps to work at the soul’s consciousness and family’s consciousness both in the SAMADHI STATE. So, it helps in releasing suppressed grief and sadness of the ancestors and resolves Ancestors defects.

Karma Healing’s benefits for Ancestral Defects: 
• Helps a person to lead a healthy and happy life
• Removes unexplained fears and anger issues
• Helps in coming out of debt-traps and attain prosperity and abundance
• Resolves the family problems such as Litigation, Unhappy relationship, and Family Feuds
• Helps in healing the hereditary diseases
• counters the effects of bad deeds done by the ancestors
• Allows a person to start the life afresh

Karma Healing can help a person reduce the bad effects of their own as well as their ancestors’ Karma. Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul are two of the only few people who have attained this knowledge. If you wish to learn this sacred technique of Karma Healing please register with us


Science of Consciousness & Karma Yoga Healing is the only meditation technique in the world, which alters your brain frequency to Delta state (slowest brain frequency). With practice, you can even venture beyond the Samadhi State (transcendence state) in which you can transform your karmic patterns causing suffering in your life.

This technique was kept a secret for thousands of years and was taught only to people who were ready. KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul, who come from the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivik Brahmins, have brought forward this ancient technique.

If one follows the technique exactly the way it is taught by KarmaGuru, one can instantly transform his or her negative circumstances into happiness and joy.

Can this technique heal Health issues?
Through the healing sessions, you will release negative feelings, eliminate pain and suffering, release unconscious blocks and patterns, achieve clarity in your life, heal physical challenges in the body and resolve all your problems.

For example, a woman suffering from Breast Cancer usually has a history of separation from mother or children. Woman with uterus issues usually have history of rejection by husband or abuse. People who have kidney issues must have experienced family filtering them out. So, we have been taught the techniques which can karmically resolve these issues fundamentally for permanent healing to happen. Many students have healed diabetes, Depression, Back Pain, Anxiety, Cancer, Kidney Stones, Thyroid etc through this technique.

How can we heal Pitru Dosh (Ancestral Defect) and life permanently?
All relationship problems arise due to Karmic Oaths, which our unconscious mind stores due to unhappy childhood or genetic memories. These improper oaths (buried in deep karmic levels) result in a lonely, difficult life.

Our unconscious mind carries our soul program from different lifetimes. We also carry many beliefs in our unconscious mind because of our ancestors (as we have their DNA). These Karmic oaths or Pitru Dosha can be healed through Karmic healing.

How do we know that we are suffering from Ancestral Defect ?
There are some red flags – endless problems, relationship troubles, ailing children, mental disabilities, untimely death in the family, progeny issues, delay in marriage, debts, financial crunch etc.

What is Samadhi State?
Samadhi is a state beyond the brain frequency of zero when you can see your body separate from you and once that happens, all your karmas will resolve automatically. This state can only be achieved by people who follow the 11 steps of Karma Yoga. One of the techniques which the masters teach to attain Samadhi State is a 60,000-year-old Secret meditation called 8th Chakra Meditation through which a practitioner can achieve union with the divine.



The Effect of Ancestral Defects on Your Life

The most common Karmic trouble seen in almost every house is between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Karma Guru ji, can the technique resolve this Karma?

Many people come with the karma of daughter-in-law and mother in law; it’s a prevalent karma all over the world. However, people don’t realize that it’s not an individual karma but it’s a family karma. The family travels together with a family karma. Members of the family do not consciously take this karma but the family consciousness decides along with unconscious of the individual to delegate the karma. So whenever there is a mother-in-law daughter-in-law dispute and you can see it in the ancestors also in that family. It means at the great-grandfather level, the mother-in-law died early or had some trauma and couldn’t give love to her daughter-in-law and this way the soul has been forgotten. In the family, now, there is a  defect regarding not receiving love between mother in law and daughter in law. The new daughter in laws who come in that family unconsciously will take that family karma and out of bonding, sympathy, and love will take the burden of their mother in law’s – mother In law to represent them in family because they didn’t get love with their daughter in law and to settle that karma the new daughter in law has karma with her mother in law. This script continuously runs until someone in the family consciousness breaks it.

What can be the underlying cause of migraines and depression?

One lady aborted a child and her next child was having migraines. Her mother started expecting a lot from her because she lost her earlier child and that suppressed grief is stored inside the mother and the present child is identifying with that depression and sadness of lost sibling because that lost sibling hasn’t been acknowledged. That’s why Kashmir and Palestine and Syria problem cannot be solved unless they acknowledge what’s happen to their ancestors and pray for them because the ancestors are giving pain to progeny and it is an endless cycle

Why do people fall in love, get married and fight and divorce?

One of the major reasons for this is the ancestral defect. Ancestral defect comes from our family members who have not ascended to the highest dimension and we are caught up them through our DNA. For example, Children in the family may behave in an erratic manner become aggressive and angry because of the energetic cord of our ancestors whose desires are left unfulfilled. Our unsatisfied ancestors make us attract business & LIFE partners who are going to betray us and create obstacles. It is affecting the entire world population and the catch is that they do not even know it. Mother sends the child to USA to study and the child then marries a girl and relocates there which deprives the mother of the affection of the child and daughter in law. The child feels happy and attracts a life partner who betrays him and many times have children with sickness

There are Rituals done for Ancestral Defects eradication. Does it help?

Rituals are just formal processes and not emotional processes. So they might only be mechanically doing it. They do a funeral, but not really release the grief from the DNA AND THIS GRIEF STAYS WITH THE PERSON EATING HIS BODY FROM INSIDE. In cases of inter-caste marriages or family disputes, members are thrown out of family which is a wrong Karma. So, this upsets the order of the family and the parents curse their children and it affects them genetically bringing problems for the children as well as the parents and it stays as a genetic curse even after they die. Only a proper karmic healing can resolve the issue. Brahmin who does the  ritual himself has ancestral defects. So, the spirit does not listen to that Brahmin as the spirit only listens to mindful and pious yogi.

How can we tackle a child or an adult with attention disorder and extreme anger issues?

In the UAE,  mental illness is a taboo. Every physical issue in your life is based on a mental program. For example, a child with attention disorder is aggressive, hyper, anxious or depressed. Even though 50% of the children in the world go through these phases, however, there is some extra drama in their life which makes them have attention disorder. These children exhibit this behavior to attract attention from the mother. They want the mother to acknowledge them. A fetus is the unconscious mind of the mother. The source of this attention seeking behavior comes from the time of conception of the child. Additionally, a miscarriage or an abortion before the conception adds to the fear of the mother for the child that the child will not make it and the energy of the aborted child looms over, Karma Healing facilitates by going to the time and before conception removing all the negative fear and energy which transforms behavior of the child. So, it is not the child who needs healing the most. It is the mother. All the mental illnesses are the result of the unhealed ancestral defect.

How does my family Karma affect my life?

Your family karma is like a tree and you are a branch of that tree. A traumatic event in the history of a family can create generational waves impacting future off springs, Divorces, Migrations, Wars or acts of violence, Early deaths, Mothers who died giving birth, Abortions, Exclusions, Dis- eases and Frauds all affect our family karma. One may attract the partner based on the family Karma. Mother-in-law gets daughter-in-law with lot of love and affection to only fight with her later on. This is Karma.

How can we heal it?

This can only be healed through special techniques of ancestral defects. A number of readers are married, hey will not leave their partner although they might be having marital issues. The beauty of the technique is that the moment you heal the family tree karma, you will observe that the behaviour of your family members and even extended family will completely heal and will become warm.

A cold relationship of a parent with their father and mother or also between their parents will make the that person behave like father or mother unconsciously because that parent when they were a child were missing the father’s attention and support and this parent starts to look for that support in their children and the child feels burden and ends up losing the childhood at a young age to act like a good father to his mother or father. This spoils the family dynamics and harms relationships in the family. So, it is the mother who has to release the defect. It can only be resolved by following 11 steps of Karma Yoga and releasing the defect in Samadhi state. This defect is continuing in the world for centuries. Karma Yoga Healing is the Original Shiva Technique which  was kept a secret for deserving few .In this technique, we see the past as an objective observer and transform the memory of all the present and future Karma in Samadhi State to a happy or a neutral karma.


Before anything else, we must understand what is Karma?

Karma means action. The real meaning of Karma is not fate. This action starts with one’s thoughts. It is more than simple action and is not just physical action. It is not an unconscious action but intentional, conscious, deliberate, willful action.


Brainwave Frequency of an Individual:

Brainwaves are rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system. A healthy brain produces a number of different brainwave patterns throughout the day.

A normal person in a fully awake condition, brain emits the type of Brainwaves which are called Beta Brainwaves. This is an active busy thinking Brainwave frequency of 14-30cycles/ second. But when a person is calm and relaxed, yet in an alert state experiencing good memory and learning and higher intuition, the brain starts emitting the type of Brainwaves which are called Alpha Brainwaves. This is a calm state for the brain with Brainwave frequency of 7-14 cycles/ second. These frequencies are found before sleep and after sleep.

A step further, if a person is in very deep contemplation or what yogis call ‘Dhyana’, the brain emits the type of Brainwave frequency which is called Theta Brainwaves. It is called the dream state where there is an optimal range of visualization This is a deep state of meditation, drowsy, and hypnotic where brainwave frequency slows down to 4-7cycles/ second. Delta is a dreamless sleep state where there is a complete loss of body awareness.


Samadhi State of Consciousness:

The Samadhi State is a state of pure awareness, a thoughtless state where. You have out of body experiences.

The Samadhi is state of consciousness is where a soul gains independence from the body and can embark on the journey across the time. This is a very deep state of consciousness in which the brain emits brainwaves called Delta Brainwaves. In the Delta state, the Brainwave frequency gets down to 0.5-4 cycles/ second. This Brainwave frequency is most of the time detected as ‘Zero’ frequency.


Benefits of reaching the Samadhi State of Consciousness:

  • You can embark on the journey to find out who you are. Once you truly understand who you are, all your Karma are resolved automatically.
  • During the Samadhi Meditation Technique, the Pineal Gland gets activated and secretes Melatonin which is the master hormone controlling the hormone system.
  • It releases anti-oxidants in the body which is the natural method of healing, they slow down the aging process.
  • The body also secrets Endorphins which are called deep relaxation hormones such as Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin, etc.
  • Helps in healing trauma of the past and cures emotional wounds.
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves blood circulation by boosting the function of blood vessels.
  • It creates a harmony inside the body and rejuvenates the systems.
  • It increases the cortical thickness of the brain and improves memory, attention, and decision-making abilities.
  • It helps in overcoming stress, anxiety and makes a person more responsive and alert.


How to attain it with Karma Yoga?

A learner of Karma Yoga can reach the Samadhi State through the secret Samadhi Meditation Technique that is more than 60,000 years old. This technique is called ‘the 8th Chakra Meditation’. This state can be achieved by people who follow the 11 steps of Karma Yoga and master minimum 12 virtues.

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul are the only people teaching the Shiva’s technique in its original form accompanied by Karma Yoga making it the most powerful technique in the world.


When you have mastered 11 steps of Karma Yoga and 12 virtues and practice 8th Chakra Meditation’, you reach the state where you can resolve your negative Karma and achieve peace, love, health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. At the Sumant Kaul International Training Academy (SKITA), you can learn the Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing™ which can take you to Theta State, Delta State, and ultimately the Samadhi State of Consciousness, within just 3-9 days. Visit Karma Guru World to register now!


Health, wealth and relationship issues are all a matter of karma

We often say ‘it must be karma’ when we can’t make sense of struggle or strife.

But what if it really is so? KarmaYoga, a meditational self-healing technique can help.

From mother-in-law conflicts to divorce, money troubles to difficult bosses, and even chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis and cancer – all issues are an experience one undergoes, and hence, karma.

The founders of Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing™, KarmaGurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul, teach students how to resolve their karmic issues related to health, wealth and relationships.

The founders of a meditative self-healing technique from ancient India have attributed people’s health, wealth and relationship issues to a history of individual and ancestral or family karmic debts that need to be resolved.

The revolutionary Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing™ technique, which originates from the first teacher of yoga and meditation in India, is founded by healer and Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and his son Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul, who hail from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic yogis in Kashmir, India – the place where the science and philosophy of yoga emerged from centuries ago.

One of the original 60,000-year-old techniques of the first yogi, Shiva, is what led Gautama Buddha to enlightenment. The Karma Yoga healing technique presented by KarmaGurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul employs this Shiva technique in its true originality. It involves healing the source memory of emotional traumas that your body has subconsciously stored away in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that serve as defense mechanisms. The stored stress of these traumas such as humiliation, rejection, betrayal and abuse, when triggered, have been found to cause diseases, money problems and relationship disturbances.

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul explains: “The issues in your life are not a coincidence. If you find that you are getting punished more than you deserve and are getting rewarded more than the input you gave, this could be due to the karma of your soul, or the karma of your ancestors through your DNA, or the karma of your environment, such as your family or place you are born in. The emotions stored in the source memory of the issue creates a karmic pattern that needs to first be identified and then healed. If you approach all problems from the karmic level, you will see why your problems exist and why people are doing what they are doing.”

In the Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing™ process, an individual is able to look at the past as a neutral observer and transform the present and future karma in a meditative state by releasing blocked emotions and programs (karmic patterns) that no longer serve them. The meditative state initially taps into a Delta brain frequency (0.1 to 3.9 Hz), and with practice into transcendence or ‘Samadhi’ state (equilibrium), during which the body releases healing hormones like Oxytocin, Endorphin, Serotonin and Dopamine, fueling organic healing of the body. The process reprograms your unconscious mind and helps you create mastery over your thoughts and actions.

Mr. Kaul adds: “Over the years, based on experience with thousands of clients, it has been found that even diseases are a manifestation of biological programs in the unconscious mind like, ‘feeling of intellectual unworthiness because of getting low grades’, ‘feeling of lack of love and support from mother or father’, ‘I am unable to digest the humiliation and abuse’ and so on. If you focus on the emotions and programs stored in the source memory, you will invariably find, for example, that a person with diabetes has a lot of inner fighting going on within them, a person with digestive issues would have lot of anger, humiliation and anxiety; a person with back pain has experienced feelings of financial unworthiness or is overburdened because of feeling lack of support, and so on. The same concept applies to your work life, your boss, colleagues or customers. All this becomes part of a person’s karma. If you have a negative money karma, then even if you change jobs or businesses, the pattern will keep repeating because it’s in your karma.”

This technique is not to be confused with rituals or customs associated with any religion. Rather it is an old-world science revived to be taught in modern day. The goal is to empower everyone with the ancient science of karma resolution to free themselves from limitations so they can be on their highest mindful path, making life a constant celebration.

For more information or to book a free practitioner consultation or admission to free foundation workshop, please call 056 3833222 or email



What issues can be resolved through KarmaYoga healing and can I do this myself?

Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing™ has empowered people across the world to transform their relationship issues, alter wealth fortunes and overcome health issues ranging from eczema to thyroid, diabetes, migraines, depression, ovarian cysts, multiple sclerosis and even cancer. Transformation happens in a meditative state individually, if one has learned the technique, or with the guidance of a certified KarmaYoga Healing Practitioner.

What are some examples of Karmic causes for common issues?

One of the most common karmic patterns seen in almost every household worldwide is that of issues between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law. This age-old battle transcends cultures and states – but people don’t realize that it’s likely the karma of their family that is impacting the relationship. Every issue is invariably linked not only to an individual’s own karma but also the karma passed down in a family, which establishes patterns in one’s life, if left unhealed. So whenever there is discord between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, you will inevitably see that the same pattern existed with ancestors in the same family.

A true explanation for this could be that at the great-grand father level, the mother-in-law was unable to give love to her daughter-in-law due to a reason such as an early death or other personal trauma. This means the soul was forgotten, which then resulted in a ‘dosha’ or defect in the family. A future daughter-in-law in that same family will then unconsciously take on that family karma and the burden of the ancestor mother-in-law’s unresolved pain which would still be affecting the family dynamics. This script continues to run until someone in the family consciousness breaks it and restores the balance.

What about marital disturbances or divorce?

Relationship issues and divorce are amongst the most common issues that occur as a result of karma. Have you ever thought about why people fall in love and get married only to end up fighting? One of the major reasons for this is the ancestral defects, a type of family karma. Ancestral defects originate from our family members who are not in peace and we are caught up with them and their unresolved issues through our DNA. For example, children in a family may behave in an erratic manner and become aggressive or angry because of the energetic cord of our ancestors whose desires are left unfulfilled. Our unsatisfied ancestors are looking out for help and unless the progeny identifies and resolves it, they would still be stuck with that pain coming from the DNA causing marital woes, financial issues and health difficulties.

How important a role does my family karma play in my life?

Every thought you think is going to be your future. And every thought or action you or your ancestors took in the past is your present that you are currently living. Your family karma is like a tree and you are a branch of that tree. A traumatic event in the history of a family, even with ancestors several generations prior, can create generational waves impacting future children. Divorces, migrations, wars, acts of violence, early deaths, mothers who died giving birth, abortions, diseases and fraud, all affect our family karma. As a result, for example, one may attract a partner based on family karma, leading to marital problems. The same applies for health and wealth issues.

What about chronic diseases like diabetes?

It has been seen that when someone goes through certain traumatic experiences in life they create certain defense mechanisms and perceptions in order to protect themselves and cope with daily life. The brain, which is the body control center, perceives the stressful situation and creates these defense mechanisms. For example, it was observed that people with diabetes often felt like they need additional energy to defend themselves against an oppressor (a close family member in most cases), but feel helpless at the same time. This in turn lead the body to create extra sugar in the blood so that the person can have more energy to defend themselves. This program could be from an ancestral memory or from a certain life experience of the person. Understanding our own unconscious mind programs through Karma Healing technique helps us reach the root of the issue and resolve it along with conventional treatments.

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The real answer to a child’s tantrums, screaming and not listening…

  • Are you feeling frustrated with your child’s tantrums?
  • Does your child seem unfocused and struggle with studies at school?
  • Does your child seem hyper, distracted or refuse to listen to what you’re saying?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you’re wondering what to do, consider this: Perhaps the real issue isn’t your child, it’s you.

Believe it or not, your child is just bearing the symptoms of your emotions and behaviors. This applies not only to circumstances after your child was born but also to any traumas you experienced during pregnancy. Basically, a child’s behavioral problems mirror the problems of parent and/or the family as a whole.

For example, if a mother was perpetually restless during her pregnancy – perhaps due to family issues or pressures at work – then it is very likely that her child is very restless and hyper.

Or if a mother was unhappy during her pregnancy and being bullied by her husband but couldn’t fight back, the child will probably exhibit this inexplicable suppressed rage towards his father.

Whatever your child exhibits are, in some form, exactly what was or is going on in your home.

Therefore, the problem and the solution begins and ends with the parents.

But too often, parents would rather focus on the problem as just the child’s issue, without stopping for a moment to acknowledge that they might be the cause of it all.

So how do you fix it?

One place to start is if you, as a mother, seek help to heal yourself from your past or current trauma through the Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga healing technique.

Karma Yoga, the original 60,000-year-old technique of Shiva that led Buddha to enlightenment, involves healing the source memory of emotional traumas that your body has subconsciously stored away in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that serve as defense mechanisms.

Healing yourself will automatically and immediately impact your child because you are connected through DNA. When you heal yourself, your child will no longer mirror that trauma from you and therefore no longer be affected by it.

The younger your children are, the easier it will be for them to heal through you and live a happy, successful life.

The revolutionary Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga healing technique is founded by healer, teacher and Karma Guru Mr. Sumant Kaul and his son Mr. Sumeet Kaul, who hail from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic yogis in Kashmir, India – the place where the science and philosophy of yoga originated from centuries ago.

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