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Mindfulness has become a point of confusion for many people. There seems to be a lot of information and discussion on mindfulness these days. People have made a big deal out of it; however, practicing mindfulness is the real way to benefit out of it. People who are mindful have the highest self-esteem.

Lot of people feel that destiny is not in their control. If you are willing to give your brain a chance, you can definitely gain a lot. Most importantly, you can be affected by how you think and how your conscious and subconscious mind operates.

Our thoughts are like seeds and these seeds are planted on the land which is watered by emotions. These emotions then give birth to a tree and the tree eventually bears the fruit of future action. So the seeds (thoughts) we have planted are the source of actions we create.

Mindfulness means you become aware of the present moment, your thoughts, words, and actions. This is what is the real meaning of Karma Yoga as well – to know the consequences of your actions, before taking those actions.

You will be mindful when you become aware of your thoughts and actions because the fruits are based on the seeds you plant. In order to have an outcome of happiness, you need to plant the emotions and thoughts of happiness and bliss. In order to be successful, one has to be mindful of his/her thoughts and actions. And the highest way to do this is to inculcate mindfulness meditation in your daily life, together with Karma Healing as taught by world-renowned Karma Yoga Mentors Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul, so as to truly work on the seeds of karma. This way one is able to not just resolve the past, but also avoid creating new negative actions.


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Eczema is a skin condition that makes the skin red and intensely itchy. Eczema symptoms are easily diagnosed, and although it is cured through ointments, it is known to frequently relapse. It is most commonly seen in the creases on the arms and behind the knees, as well as wrists, ankles, shoulders, and eyelids — although it can appear anywhere on the body. Eczema currently affects 10 to 25 percent of children and around 10 to 20 percent of adults worldwide.

The root cause of Eczema is a feeling of intense separation from a loved one, the feeling of not being able to “hug and hold’ or “missing the touch” of a loved one. For those who are unaware of the effect of emotions on our body, would assume it is because of weather, etc. While that is possible, it is most commonly due to a subconscious stress a person has gone through.

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul has seen and cured a lot of people from eczema- including himself. He has identified that the symptoms of eczema usually occur after a person has been separated from a loved one, either through death or physical separation. So in order to heal this, the grief and deep feeling of being separated need to be resolved.

Karma Guru realised this subconscious emotional connection as he had got eczema himself, and this was diagnosed after he lost his grandmother. He realised through his Meditation and connecting with the subconscious mind, that the feeling of “not being able to hug and be held by her” and the deep pain associated with this feeling aggravated the skin leading to eczema. It was a feeling of being “stuck in this grief of separation.” This is the identified cause for most people who he has healed of eczema.

The skin is extremely sensitive, and the feeling of touch from a loved one is registered in the memory of the skin, and it is a very intense feeling. When this sense of touch is lost due to physical separation, the skin creates ulceration in order to regain that touch once again.

In order to cure eczema, the feeling of ‘intense grief of physical separation of a loved” one and the “desire of their touch” needs to be released. This can only happen through Karma Yoga Healing. One may use creams, gels, and medicines and it sometimes gets resolved temporarily. However, in most cases, it relapses again as it has not been released from the source.

To cure eczema permanently, it needs to be healed through the practice of Karma Yoga healing.

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In March 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that globally, more than 300 million people of all ages are suffering from depression, and a majority of them are women. “Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide”.

In sadness, you might feel regret or remorse for something you said or did, but you won’t experience any permanent sense of worthlessness or guilt as you might with depression. One of the diagnostic features of depression is this kind of self-diminishing, negative thought patterns.

The below image is the PET scan of a person with depression

Depressed & Not Depressed

People spend millions on treatments with doctors who prescribe them anti-depressant pills but the issue has not been resolved. First let us understand, WHAT EXACTLY IS DEPRESSION?

Depression, known as major depressive disorder or clinical depression, is a common and serious mood disorder. Those who suffer from depression experience persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness and lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Aside from the emotional problems caused by depression, individuals can also present with a physical symptom such as chronic pain or digestive issues. To be diagnosed with depression, symptoms must be present for at least two weeks.

Depression is the conflict of loss. There are intense emotions that people go through where they have lost their loved ones due to betrayal or death. There could have been experiences of separation where people have lost their loved ones. These intense experiences can create for some people a trauma of depression. It’s very sad when some people casually say, “oh! Why are you feeling this way? You are not depressed, you are just feeling sad! Go enjoy the movie”. This can be a very careless attitude to deal with people having depression. People don’t know what depression is. Depression is a medical disease and it happens psychologically because of intense experiences of loss.

It happens due to a FIGHT AND FLIGHT MECHANISM. In ancient times, if you were a tribal and would’ve seen a wolf probably you would’ve fought that wolf. If you would’ve seen a lion then you would’ve run away- this is flight mode. In the modern world, FIGHT becomes ANGER and FLIGHT becomes DEPRESSION. That means you literally go inwards because of the defense mechanism that you want to run away from the situation. So these people are physically present but mentally somewhere else.


The solution for Healing Depression is to offload the emotional toxins stored in the unconscious mind which is 88-90% part of your brain. The unconscious mind stores all the memories and experiences of terrible loss and can be cleared through the detoxification process of Karma Yoga Healing.









“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” ~ Warren Buffet

People who invest in themselves are the most successful. The circular flow of income suggests that the more you spend, the more amounts of money flow to you.

According to the circular flow of income, if one spends less and saves more it leads to a leakage in the economy. But have you realized that not all people invest in themselves or end up wrongly investing and eventually losing money? Why is that?

The answer lies within as it all boils down to our unconscious mind. The unconscious part of our mind constitutes 88-90% which stores all beliefs, memories, and traumas. The imprints of every existence and all experiences we have gone through in this life or even those experienced by our ancestors are impeccably stored within our unconscious mind. Whatever our parents and forefathers experienced are carried forward in the form of gene impressions. But this inheritance of negative beliefs and emotions coming from various memories leave a negative impact and blocks a person from attracting money. Some of the unconscious beliefs and fears of money are as follows: “If I have money I will lose it”, “money brings vices”, “money brings separation in the family”, “money is the root of all evil” etc.

Our self-esteem and worthiness also determine the amount of wealth we attract in life. The more one feels deserving of wealth, the more they attract wealth.

Our life experiences since childhood have a tremendous influence on our worthiness quotient and thus, our financial health. Karmic source memories where one was called “useless”, made to feel “not good enough”, rejected, humiliated, abused or abandoned leave deep scars that constantly trigger one from the unconscious levels.

Traumas of our ancestors also bring the fears of losing money and a sense of poverty consciousness that progenies will take on.

The only solution is to acknowledge and release those beliefs, loss, and fear from the source through Karma Healing. If you manifest something from a negative emotion like fear, the outcome of that manifestation shall not be positive. So find out your blocks and make your manifestations come true for absolute financial freedom!

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Experts believe that the stress of modern life, coupled with the prevalence of chronic conditions, have contributed to a rise in the cases of chronic stress and depression in the UAE.

The types of drug addiction have also become more and more complicated, with new types of drug surfacing. As always, the problems often begin among the youth aged 16 to 25 years. This has largely been driven by relationship conflicts, social pressures and the fast pace of life in the region. In day-to-day life, we are living in stress and even our breathing has become sub-optimal, a clear physiological sign of stress.

So let us understand what exactly is stress. There are 2 parts of the Autonomous Nervous System: SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. There’s always an arm-wrestling match between the two. The sympathetic nervous system is vigilant and wants to accelerate your heart rate, always looking for emergencies to keep you safe. The parasympathetic system is exactly the opposite, it wants to calm you down and decrease your pulse rate. It has all the energy to activate your immune system and detoxify your body.

Our Unconscious Mind is 88-90% of our brain which stores all the beliefs, traumas, experiences and memories that shape our thoughts and day to day life. The programs at an unconscious level for anxiety/stress are overwhelming worry, fear of future, fear of the unknown, threat/danger, fear of being helpless and powerless. The job of the conscious mind is to create a defense mechanism of Stress so that one is not able to access and experience the issues stored in the unconscious mind and avoid the trauma altogether.

The real solution to resolve the stress is to heal the experiences and fears from the source of the issue through Karma Yoga Healing.

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One of the biggest misconceptions people have towards finding a solution to anger is Anger Management. Fact remains that its not anger management that works! Simply because if one needs to keep managing anger, then how can one be free from unhealthy anger issues?

Usually, Anger Management makes people focus on signs of anger so that they can immediately stop it with techniques such as deep breathing, drinking a glass of water and so on. However, this is all a way to escape the anger, without RESOLVING OR HEALING the anger. In fact, the more you suppress the anger, the more the chances that one day you will explode with anger which could have disastrous results.
So let us get to a real solution for anger. World-renowned Karma Yoga experts and celebrated coaches Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul have worked with scores of people all over the world battling anger issues and successfully helped them transform the issue of anger.

“88%-90% of our brain constitutes the unconscious mind or the unconscious part of our brain”, as rightly said by Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist/scientist who coined the term “unconscious”, where he compared the brain to an iceberg. Hence, 88-90% of our brain is consciously inaccessible to a human. Our unconscious mind stores memories, feelings, traumas and emotions of every single experience, be it genetic memories or right from the time you were in your mother’s womb.

Anger is a DEFENCE MECHANISM created to protect oneself. Every anger issue stems from an unresolved FEAR. The anger is just a façade as the real cause is FEAR. Innate fears of rejection, failure, humiliation, abandonment, loneliness, losing love, attention & support, fear of betrayal, being abused or being attacked are the actual causes behind the expression of anger.

When one feels hurt by their loved ones or somebody closely associated with them, the brain uses the defence mechanism of anger to protect itself from the fear. If you don’t resolve the source of the difficulty, you’ll end up having more anger. The solution is not to suppress the anger or vent it out. The only solution is to resolve the problem from the unconscious level itself, by tapping into the source of the problem. For example, is it the conflict that your parents never expressed their love to you? Is it the conflict that your partner betrayed you? Is it the conflict that you or your family had hardships with money and you fear for your survival? Have you created a defence mechanism that “I have to be angry to protect myself so I cannot be hurt again or taken advantage again”? Is it that you have become over-sensitive about your boundaries and do not want people to intervene, and end up using anger as a defence mechanism?

You have the power to overcome anger issues and liberate yourself from these conflicts. The ancient science of karma resolution and meditation techniques in Karma Yoga Healing is the answer to clear the root cause of such issues and resolve the anger completely.

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