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To understand energy healing, it is important to understand, what is energy? Energy/prana or Chi is the life force that sustains everything from the smallest atom to the entire universe. The atom is held together due to the electrical energy field between protons and electrons. And since everything is made of atoms, everything is made of energy. Based on Newton’s 3rd Law, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

Energy flows in the body through energy meridians, and any blocked energy in the body or Chakras causes’ pain, stiffness or disease. Any physical or emotional issue that one has is represented in the body as an “energy block”. The main purpose of energy healing is to release blockages and to energize areas that need healing. Law of Karma Energy Healing is a very powerful, effective & an instantaneous healing technique where a Karma Yogi practitioner channelizes the ultimate divine energy through the Nadis (energetic veins in body) to bring instant healing. Karma Energy healing has the ability to instantaneously heal a person of any physical pain.

What makes energy healing through Karma Yoga special is that the healer is not using his/her own energy but is channeling the infinite energy of the universe/divine. This ensures that no energy is transferred from the healer to the client, and neither does the healer pick up the energy/issues of the client. As seen in other modalities where healers get unwell due to picking up energies of their client, energy healing through Karma Yoga is the safest, most effective and purest form of energy healing.


When you were a little kid, your parents usually chose your friends, putting you in playgroups or arranging play dates with kids from known circles. Now that you’re older, you decide who your friends are and in what company you spend time. Many children in their teens and even in adulthood go through peer pressure. People experience peer pressure because of unworthiness in their day to day life. When children are growing up, they are often compared by their parents, teachers, friends and family for their academics, behaviour, physique etc.

Children get curious about matters like sex, alcohol, parties, smoking, drugs and romantic relationships and want to experiment with life. During the onset of puberty, children start to make friends with the opposite sex and indulge in a certain behaviour to look cool. They would visit new places, check out new experiences to gel with friends (peer pressure), to look cool and to be accepted.

As a result of peer pressure, sometimes youngsters end up with behavioural issues, violence, substance abuse, anxiety and depression. This happens because unconsciously, youngsters carry certain beliefs and defence mechanisms from their early childhood and environment when they were being compared with their friends or cousins about academic marks or performances, instances when they were made to feel that they were not good enough. Such instances which are stored in the unconscious mind that constitutes 88-90% of our brain, manifests/attracts situations and people where the child will feel he/she is not good enough.

The only way to overcome such issues completely is to do Karmic Healing, as world-renowned Karma Yoga Mentors Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul teach. This means resolving the issue from the source. The issue is not with the current self but with the younger self who felt unworthy in the source memory. Releasing the emotions from the source will resolve the behavioural pattern of the current self PERMANENTLY.


Kundalini is one of the strongest powers that exist in a person. Its alternative name is prone shakti. In Sanskrit, the word kundalini means a form of primal energy which is a said to be located at the base of the spine in a coiled manner. It resides in the root chakra and it symbolic of a man’s latent potential and power.

The awakening of the kundalini is depicted as the uncoiling of the hypothetical serpent as it rises and rips or pierces through each of the Chakras.

All the chakras are directly or indirectly connected to the sahasrara which is considered the crown chakra and seventh primary in nature. On being activated, they awaken consciousness step by step. This process together is called samadhi state. It is the mysterious union of opposing universal principles within the experience of an individual.

Our kundalini energy systems are more active usually on either side, left or right. They are known as Ida or Pingala. There are thousand energy channels called nadis, but out of them, three are very important. That is Ida, Pingala, and Sushumma. Sushumma is said to be the most important one.

A lot of people want to know how to awaken the Kundalini. This is because the awakening and activation of one’s kundalini can give them immense joy and relief in their lives. There are some techniques, but the greatest ones are kept a secret by the master and only tells his students when they are ready to receive them.

Our kundalini is like a jackpot. It is just sitting there waiting to be found and discovered while people are looking in the wrong directions. They are not looking in the direction the treasure is. Kundalini is the treasure that is within you and has been unused and undiscovered. You can utilize that energy to transform this into a completely new and different dimension altogether.

Kundalini yoga is a technique which one can use to activate the kundalini. Kundalini yoga is an ancient science of tantra that was made to bring about a really quick awakening of the kundalini. Kriya yoga, prank yoga, and hatha yoga are a few of the most important forms of yoga to help one awaken the kundalini.

All forms of yoga and tantra can raise a kundalini, but the specific techniques of kundalini yoga do it quicker. The one feature that this type of yoga has which sets it apart is that it uses prana (energy) as a medium to awaken consciousness.

Here the energy levels of a person are stimulated. This is symbolized by pingala nadi. This simultaneously leads to the awakening of consciousness represented by the Ida nadi.

When those two are in balance, the kundalini activates and arises through the sushumma. Part of the technique to awaken the kundalini requires you to focus on your breath starting at the base of your spine to all the way up to your spine and out of your head.

As one inhales, their focus should be from the base of their spine, up to their spine and out of their head as though is breathing up the energy. Here you don’t have to imagine anything. All it requires is a focus.

By doing this you are not forcing anything. You are just gently paving way for the energy to move in that direction. It is important to note that one should not force the kundalini energy to move on its own.
As you practice this you will start to feel the energy rising. The feeling and sensation you achieve may be very subtle in the beginning but over time it can become quite blissful.

The second part of this technique to awaken your kundalini is to concentrate on moving your breath down your front as you exhale. As you are exhaling move your breath from the top of your head to your third eye and then to your throat followed by heart and lastly your chest(center of your chest).

Now at this point, you must stop your breath and then again inhale from the base of your spine and basically repeat this entire breathing process again. The last part of the awakening of the Kundalini is by actual physical touch or a chant. This is when a master gives you Shaktipat to actually awaken the kundalini.

If you want to do this yourself there is a technique which is easy but really important. You have to silently chant or repeat the name of your enlightened guru or teacher that you have a connection with regardless of whether you have met him or not. Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul are two such karma gurus who can help you in the process of awakening your kundalini.

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