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Chakras are powerful energy centers that control every aspect of our life. Healing and balancing our chakras promotes good health & positively influences the way we think and feel.


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What are Chakras and what is Chakra Healing & Balancing?

  • Chakras are energy centers that runs along the spinal cord of your body.
  • There are 7 main energy centers (chakras) within the body and 5 important chakras outside the body, and then there are several other chakras beyond as well.
  • Chakras are important points at which interference of prana (life force) energy channeled throughout your body takes place. Your spirit energy moves along your chakras which is the basis for everything in your life- health, relationships and finances.
  • Karma Guru teaches that an eternal molecule of your soul resides in each chakra, which is carried forward after death.
  • Each chakra relates to specific emotional and physical programmes, strengths and dysfunctions.
  • There is a back & forth flow of prana energy (life force in your body) from chakras to energy meridians.
  • When this energy flow is blocked due to some emotional issues, beliefs, ancestral defects (pitru dosh) or some other karmic baggage, it stops your focus and adversely impacts your health, wealth and relationships.

Hence, chakra healing  and balancing is fundamental to your well-being to achieve fulfillment of all highest desires of life – health, family, relationships and prosperity.


As per ancient scriptures, there are a total of 112 chakras! The chakra system exists must beyond your physical body


80% of your aura (electromagnetic field around your body) is because of your heart chakra. Working on the heart chakra through karma healing is the most effective way to empower yourself


In order to resolve your karma, you have to activate your 8th chakra (the soul star chakra), where the karmic residues are stored. Thereafter, the 9th, 10th,11th & 12th chakra systems get activated for a Karma Yogi

What is the Importance of Chakra Healing and Balancing?
How Is It Affecting Your Life?

The issues in your life, whether health or finance or relationships, can be correlated to each chakra. Every cause has an effect. If you feel that you’re getting punished more than you deserve or getting rewarded more than you deserve, the cause behind such effects could be the karma of your soul, the karma of your ancestors through your DNA, or the karma of your environment (such as your company or place you were born in). Hence, complete chakra healing happens only when the karma is healed.

It has been observed that divorce, family fights, money troubles, difficult bosses, and even health issues such as diabetes, infertility, chronic pain, and depression are experiences people have due to karma.

Karma Yoga Healing is a technique which reveals how everything works through Law of Karma (cause & effect). It is the only healing technique in the world by which we can consciously switch to a deep & relaxed state of mind, called Delta brain frequency, and with practice even beyond to Samadhi state (transcendence), where we can heal any issue and initiate a new and better reality for ourselves. It is a universal, non-religious technique that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere in the world. And chakra healing is easily achieved with this practice.

Benefits Of Chakra Healing

Overcome Health issues, as every health condition can be linked to corresponding chakras

Develop loving and meaningful relationships and family bonding by understanding the karma you have with them and resolving it,that happens through the process of chakra healing

Chakra Healing helps to sharpen your psychic abilities and clairvoyance to take mindful decisions and to achieve all-round excellence.

When you activate, align, balance and pull up energy along your chakras, you awaken your soul power, also called Kundalini Shakti.

Recite very powerful mantras and download affirmations to energize, balance and heal your chakras, leading towards mindfulness, abundance & success

Chakra Healing through the process of Karma Yoga Healing resolves issues from the source, to bring about permanent solutions

Tap into Samadhi (Transcendence) state by practicing the powerful 8th Chakra Shiva meditation technique.

Be a divine magnet for manifestation of bliss, abundance, health, and a wonderful family life. You can even manifest your eternal soulmate through the power of your chakras

Meet Karma Gurus

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, his son Sumeet Kaul and daughter Suneha Kaul come from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic Yogis and are here to share the most treasured ancient secrets

Sumant Kaul

He is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer, leading his life with continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards ultimate truth & success.

Sumeet Kaul

He is an internationally renowned trainer and exceptional healer. Through his contemporary & simple approach, he has decoded the 60,000 year old technique of Adiyogi (1st Yogi) Shiva, to help people overcome illnesses, diseases & several traumas. He is also a powerhouse coach for wealth excellence and healing family/ genetic karmas.

Listen To Guided Chakra Meditation By Karma Guru

This is a very powerful Meditational technique of Adiyogi Shiva, dated back to over 60,000 years. This meditation alters one’s brain frequency to Delta state and with practice even beyond into Samadhi State (Transcendence state). This technique can heal your health, wealth and relationship Karma However, this is possible only & only through the process of Karma Yoga Healing.

Mission 2025

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul’s mission to have 1 billion Karma Yogis by 2025 is the greatest mindful revolution of the millennium

Stories of Transformation
Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.
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