Karma Energy Healing, Ancient Secret To Unlocking Cosmic Energy Flow

Karma Energy Healing, Ancient Secret To Unlocking Cosmic Energy Flow

March 31, 20200

The history of energy healing traces back to thousands of years when energetic highways called meridians were discovered by healers. The study of the intricate network of these energy meridians has lead to a breakthrough in alternative medicine, where a practitioner is able to channel the universal life force (prana or chi) through the meridians and impart healing to a client.

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The significance of energy healing lies in bringing about an instantaneous physiological effect on the person receiving the healing. It is a completely non-invasive process of balancing the energy dynamics within the physical body. The human body is made of layers of energy, which is a scientifically proven fact. The universal life force (prana) is the basic constituent and source of all life. Even the physical body is born out of prana energy where the flow of energy within the physical body has a strong connection with physical and physiological illnesses. The electromagnetic field around the physical body is directly influenced by the state of health at physical, emotional, mental and spirit level of a person. Energy Healing provides a solution to restore the blocks, obstructions and imbalances within this field, by channelling the divine energy through the hand chakra (energy center on palm)
As taught by Karma Guru, ancient techniques of energy healing involve a systematic movement of hands to pull out excessive unbalanced energies and to infuse healing energies.

However, Energy healing is not just about swishing of hands. The quality of energy depends on the vibration of the practitioner. Absolute morality and virtuousness is to be exercised by someone who practices Energy Healing as only then the highest connection with source energy is achieved. The practitioner enters into a deep state of Transcendence where there is nothing but pure consciousness energy, only light. The basic raw material of creation is all that is imperative in bringing about an instant healing.

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