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What Is Karma Energy Healing?

Karma Energy Healing through Supreme Pure Consciousness by a Karma Yogi helps to heal the disruptive flow of energy in your chakras, meridians and body. This technique has the ability to heal any pain or issue instantly.

Law of Karma Energy Healing is a very powerful, effective & instantaneous healing technique where a Karma Yogi practitioner channelizes the ultimate divine energy through the Nadis (energetic veins in body) to bring instant healing. Intense practices of samadhi meditation by a karma yoga practitioner enables transmutation of a very high energy and vibration, thereby, making the karma energy healing very remarkable. The technique of energy healing taught by Karma Guru is the most authentic and ancient practice which a deserving student is taught with a lot of purity.

Instant healing may happen even in one session. However, usually 4 to 6 sessions are recommended typically for complete healing.


Karma Energy Healing as taught by Karma Guru can instantly bring shifts in your Akashic records (karmic account), which is achievable only through the process of karma yoga


Karma Energy Healing is a breakthrough technique that unblocks the body’s energy systems to stimulate the body’s inherent healing powers


Chakras, the seven energy centers of the body, are described in ancient Indian texts. Meridians (Nadis), the energy veins of the body, are the road maps on which traditional Chinese medicine practitioners based acupuncture. In Karma Energy Healing, divine energy is channeled through the Nadis to bring about healing

How Does Karma Energy Healing Help?

The body has tremendous amount of energy. Energy healing is a hands on approach to release blocks of energy, as blocked energy sticks to the body whereas clean energy flows naturally. When energy is blocked, diseases happen.

When your chakras are healthy and open, they channel energy into the body and the meridians (energetic veins). If the flow of meridian is proper, then your nervous system will be perfect. In Karma Energy Healing, a Karma Yogi is able to transmit and receive prana energy (life force) from supreme pure consciousness as chakras open and energy flows through meridians. This healing energy is then transmitted through the hand to bring instant energy healing and also certain hand motions (without touch) are executed to remove blocked dense energies.

Benefits Of Karma Energy Healing

Get instant relief for chronic body pains with the divine magic of supreme pure consciousness energy

Become more sensitive to the feel of prana energy (life force) on your body so as to instantly know energy changes within yourself

Become resourceful and achieve high energy levels for peak performance

Awaken the true powers of heart chakra and the brain, so as to experience optimum energy levels and bliss

Meet Karma Gurus

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, his son Sumeet and daughter Suneha come from Kashmiri Brahmin family.

Sumant Kaul

He is a leading Mindful Teacher that attained immense heights in all fields by basing his life on continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards the ultimate truth.

Sumeet Kaul

He is an exceptional healer. He is an NLP trainer, mentor, and healer. He combines many healing modalities and has helped thousands deal with depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, trauma and other issues.

Suneha Kaul

She is gifted in psychology and healing. She is a master of energy healing and some people say that she has the gift of instantaneous healing. She is young and dynamic and uses techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in those who work with her.

Stories of Transformation
Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.
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