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Scientific Palmistry is a unique workshop that introduces the participant to the ancient concept of not just depicting the future or revealing the past, but more importantly, resolving one’s issues.

By learning Scientific Palmistry , one can come to know the karmic occurrences slated in one’s life and by combining with Karma Yoga Healing, you can resolve any issue, thus, helping to create new lines, and even change the existing negative lines/symbols to positive ones, so that you can rectify any issue that may arise.


Your hand lines reveal your true powers


Every hand has a story and you can be empowered with the wisdom to decode your life


Hand lines undergo changes as a result of transformation through Karma Yoga Healing

How will Scientific Palmistry help you?

Scientific Palmistry is a unique course developed by Karma Guru. It introduces participants to the ancient science of reading palm lines.

The palm lines are actually a reflection of our brain’s conditioning shaped through various life experiences, genetics, feelings & emotions.

Knowing the art of palmistry not just helps to decode one’s fate, but also creates awareness about one’s karma so as to resolve them with karma yoga healing.


Level 1 – The first level includes the study of the major aspects of palmistry including:-

  • Hand/brain connection : how to read your lines effectively
  • Lifeline & it’s variations : what does each variation indicate?
  • Headline & it’s variations : what does your headline indicate?
  • Heartline & it’s variations : your capacity to love and be loved, nature of relationships you shall have in life
  • The Simian Crease : Know what is that rare case
  • The Thumb – its variations and power
  • Placement of fingers, power & virtues of the mounts : Understand the inner meaning
  • Gaps in the fingers : what do they mean in your life?
  • Fate line & it’s variations : How does your career or money karma look like?

Level 2 – It brings you closer to finding out your true nature and the additional aspects :-

  • Mounts, their meanings & various markings
  • Line of health : What does it depict about your health?
  • The Ring of Solomon
  • Line of intuition : Are you a natural psychic?
  • Practice palm readings first hand

Level 3 – The final level 3 brings you the knowledge and wisdom to become all that you can be:-

  • Fingerprint patterns and classifications
  • Combinations of finger prints from FBI agents
  • Moon whorl / loop : What is its impact on your life?
  • Palm patterns and their meanings
  • Celebrity hand readings
  • How the Ring of Solomon can make you a millionaire
  • Enhance your creativity with the Ring of Apollo
  • What is the family ring and its speciality?
  • The line of influence : find out who and why
  • The Girdle of Venus : how does this affect your life?
  • The via lascivia: what role does it play?
  • The moon starbursts of imagination energy
  • The Medical Stigmata : find out how you can empower yourself
  • The fame line & it’s variations : learn how to manage your fame


Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, his son Sumeet Kaul and daughter Suneha Kaul come from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic Yogis and are here to share the most treasured ancient secrets

Sumant Kaul

He is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer, leading his life with continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards ultimate truth & success

Sumeet Kaul

He is an internationally renowned trainer and exceptional healer. Through his contemporary & simple approach, he has decoded the 60,000 year old technique of Adiyogi (1st Yogi) Shiva, to help people overcome illnesses, diseases & several traumas. He is also a powerhouse coach for wealth excellence and healing family/ genetic karmas

Suneha Kaul

She is an expert in psychology and karma healing. She is a master at Karma Energy Healing, being blessed with the magical gift few on Earth have – bringing instantaneous healings. She is a talented healer, therapist and personal coach


Karma Guru Sumant Kaul’s mission to have 1 billion Karma Yogis by 2025 is the greatest mindful revolution of the millennium

Reinvent Mind, Body and Soul

What do our Students Say about us?

Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.

– SYLVIA RAFIDI, Jordan, Interior Designer

– SYLVIA RAFIDI, Jordan, Interior Designer
I’ve had Asthma since I was 5 years old, but I haven’t been using the inhaler for the past month. Work has been great, theres a constant flow of clients. I feel so light from inside.I believe I ha...

– Erzebet Strausz, Hungary, Professor

– Erzebet Strausz, Hungary, Professor
Mr Sumant Kaul and Mr Sumeet Kaul are extraordinary people and I feel truly blessed to have met them and have been taught by them. It was also wonderful to meet so many amazing people in the group, wh...

Venkatesh Udhay Kumar

Venkatesh Udhay Kumar
I took one healing session from my mentor – teacher in the Retreat class as a demo session, it changed my life. I took leave from school for 18 days. Session details:- I took a session in the class ...

Ginni Banga

Ginni Banga
It is a proud moment for me to share my Son Gurneesh’s achievement in his school. He has scored 92.5% in commerce and 100% in History From an average student he is among the toppers of the school. I...


Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner, ...

JUDIT KERI, Hungary, Keri Productions

JUDIT KERI, Hungary, Keri Productions
I got many insights during the meditations at the retreat. I felt that healings, release and realisations are happening.AKCH is a course that makes enlightentment the ultimate goal, as it should be. T...


"My mouth ulcers healed instantly…Every class with KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul is so magical! As a senior doctor with Government of India, this technique has given me a chance to understand medical and he...

Pawan Dhuper, New Delhi

Pawan Dhuper, New Delhi
I have transformed my wealth issues drastically. I run a factory and used to have labor & payment issues and debt problem. Through this technique and blessings of the great masters, I have healed ...

Meema Gajjria Furtado, Dubai

Meema Gajjria Furtado, Dubai
Experienced the magic of karma healing first hand as I was able to help my son heal the pain from his right arm in an instance using the technique. As I had attended Mr. Sumeet Kaul’s classes on Kar...

Mariam Ketait, Dubai

Mariam Ketait, Dubai
The eternal soulmate class gave me a deeper understanding of how all relationships work, and reconnected me with my family and self in a deeper level. I found deeper realization and insight about my j...

Rahul Hirani, Mumbai

Rahul Hirani, Mumbai
I decided to do a blood test in May’17, and found my insulin levels were extremely high (284.29 microUI/ml). During the H&V Retreat, Sumant Sir & Sumeet Sir revealed to us the DNA program be...

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