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Secrets to Financial Freedom

August 26, 20190

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” ~ Warren Buffet

People who invest in themselves are the most successful. The circular flow of income suggests that the more you spend, the more amounts of money flow to you.

According to the circular flow of income, if one spends less and saves more it leads to a leakage in the economy. But have you realized that not all people invest in themselves or end up wrongly investing and eventually losing money? Why is that?

The answer lies within as it all boils down to our unconscious mind. The unconscious part of our mind constitutes 88-90% which stores all beliefs, memories, and traumas. The imprints of every existence and all experiences we have gone through in this life or even those experienced by our ancestors are impeccably stored within our unconscious mind. Whatever our parents and forefathers experienced are carried forward in the form of gene impressions. But this inheritance of negative beliefs and emotions coming from various memories leave a negative impact and blocks a person from attracting money. Some of the unconscious beliefs and fears of money are as follows: “If I have money I will lose it”, “money brings vices”, “money brings separation in the family”, “money is the root of all evil” etc.

Our self-esteem and worthiness also determine the amount of wealth we attract in life. The more one feels deserving of wealth, the more they attract wealth.

Our life experiences since childhood have a tremendous influence on our worthiness quotient and thus, our financial health. Karmic source memories where one was called “useless”, made to feel “not good enough”, rejected, humiliated, abused or abandoned leave deep scars that constantly trigger one from the unconscious levels.

Traumas of our ancestors also bring the fears of losing money and a sense of poverty consciousness that progenies will take on.

The only solution is to acknowledge and release those beliefs, loss, and fear from the source through Karma Healing. If you manifest something from a negative emotion like fear, the outcome of that manifestation shall not be positive. So find out your blocks and make your manifestations come true for absolute financial freedom!

To know more Check out the below Youtube link:

Financial Freedom Video


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