Health Retreat in Dubai, Health & Vitality Transformation Retreat in Dubai

Join the Most Profound
Healing Experience at
Health, Vitality and
Intuition Retreat

  • Identify & resolve the source of all your illnesses
  • Heal your mind & body through a 60,000-year-old technique

Transform your Health
and Prevent Illness


The Health, Mystique & Intuition Retreat is a profound and life-changing experience with amazing breakthroughs. During the retreat, Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul reveal the unique scientific link between your thoughts, emotions, memories and illnesses, which are all a result of your karma (action). And these karmas could be even those from family/ancestry/genetics , from soul/spirit level or even from the environment.

Over the years, they have found that every disease is a manifestation of biological programs in the subconscious and unconscious mind, like ‘feeling of intellectual unworthiness because of getting low grades’, may lead to: cervical, shoulder pain and migraine. ‘feeling of lack of love and support from mother or father’, may lead to: heart issues or lower back pain. ‘I am unable to digest the humiliation and abuse’ may lead to: Ulcers, Colon, Rectum & digestive issues.

If you focus on the emotions and programs stored in the source memory, you will invariably find, for example, that a person with diabetes has a lot of inner fighting going on within them; a person with digestive issues would have lot of anger, humiliation and anxiety; a person with back pain has experienced feelings of financial unworthiness or is overburdened because of feeling lack of support and being all alone, and so on.

From diabetes to arthritis, eczema, thyroid issues and even cancer, Karma Gurus have decoded all the negative patterns that your body has subconsciously stored away in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that serve as defense mechanisms. The stored stress of these traumas such as humiliation, rejection, betrayal and abuse, when triggered, have been found to cause diseases, money problems and relationship disturbances.


that your health is directly affected by karma of your relationships as well as finances/wealth. 90% of suffering in life is mainly due to Pitru Dosha (Ancestral defects)? So learn how to resolve Ancestral defects with the only ancient karma resolution technique in the world


Karma Yoga Healing is the most ancient, effective & fastest healing technique in the world, dated back to the times of the 1st Yogi on earth, Adiyogi Shiva


Every health issue can be linked to an emotional conflict in the subconscious mind. If you know the message your mind is giving to your body, you can overcome any health issue!


During these 17 days, you will gain in-depth knowledge about yourself, your family and your ancestors, and learn how to identify the source of all your illnesses, diseases and pain, and heal it using a secret and original 60,000-year-old technique of the first yogi, Adiyogi Shiva. This is an invitation to participate in a full spectrum of fundamentally releasing the past, healing the present and upgrading the mind, body and soul. Immerse yourself in change at the DNA-level, deep transformational healing, downloading positive affirmations in samadhi state and manifesting a healthy, happy and abundant life. Heal across lifetimes with a single step


Learn the secrets of Karma Yoga and Guru Yoga known only to saints and high masters

Knowledge and practice of karma energy healing for instant pain relief and resolving karmic burdens

Overcome diseases – Understanding the mind theory and beliefs of all organs and biological systems. Transform health karma in Samadhi state.

Heal family dramas and deep seated issues related to money

Learn and practice from the original 112 shiva techniques of meditation directly from Karma Guru that leads one to path of enlightenment

Experience deep karmic soul regressions to heal Past Life Karmas related to 11 steps of karma yoga that ultimately liberates one from difficulties

Learn in depth knowledge about chakra and energy meridians for releasing negative energy stored in the body

Energize your skilled self with power of divine magic energy and practice powerful manifestation exercises



  • The scientific link between your thoughts, emotions, memories and illnesses. How to identify the root cause of both minor and major illnesses and disease. Healing of specific programs of all the diseases decoded by Karma Gurus.
  • How to look at the past as a neutral observer and transform present and future karma in a meditative state using a secret and original 60,000-year-old technique of the first yogi, Adi Yogi Shiva.
  • How to recognize the karmic cycle of patterns that control your body systems. How to break and transform karmic patterns that are causing your diseases.
  • How your hormones affect your lifestyle and decisions, and how to control them instead of letting them control you.
  • How to reprogram your DNA and create mastery over your thoughts and actions. Profound knowledge of how negative core beliefs can actually originate from your
  • Ancestral family tree, and how to heal it for yourself, your ancestors and your progeny. How your relationships can affect your health and how to heal these relationships
  • How to heal physical ailments and free yourself from chronic pain with energy healing.


  • Meditate using one of the secret and original 60,000-year-old techniques of the first yogi, Adiyogi Shiva.
  • Identify core beliefs that are causing your issues and heal specific ailments, illnesses and diseases.
  • Transform present and future karma in a meditative transcendence state by releasing blocked emotions and programs (karmic patterns) that no longer serve you and attuning positive hormones like oxytocin
  • Heal in daily group and individual sessions to cleanse body systems.
  • Look back into the past with karmic regressions to discover and heal lifetimes of negative patterns.
  • Heal family drama and ancestral defects (Pitru Dosha) that are blocking your success and happiness.
  • Karma source memory healing on all body systems.
  • Witness and participate in live healing demonstrations by Karma Gurus.
  • Heal your bloodline from ancestors to progeny to create a healthy and abundant future for you and your loved ones.
  • Download positive affirmations in Samadhi state for instant healing and success Work on the journey of the soul.
  • Instantly free yourself from physical pain and chronic pain of many years through powerful Karma Energy Healing.


Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, his son Sumeet Kaul and daughter Suneha Kaul come from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic Yogis and are here to share the most treasured ancient secrets

Sumant Kaul

He is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer, leading his life with continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards ultimate truth & success

Sumeet Kaul

He is an internationally renowned trainer and exceptional healer. Through his contemporary & simple approach, he has decoded the 60,000 year old technique of Adiyogi (1st Yogi) Shiva, to help people overcome illnesses, diseases & several traumas. He is also a powerhouse coach for wealth excellence and healing family/ genetic karmas

Suneha Kaul

She is an expert in psychology and karma healing. She is a master at Karma Energy Healing, being blessed with the magical gift few on Earth have – bringing instantaneous healings. She is a talented healer, therapist and personal coach

Stories of Transformation
Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.
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