Understanding COVID-19 Virus From A Karmic Perspective, Karma Guru

Understanding COVID-19 Virus From A Karmic Perspective

April 3, 20200

We are in times of one of the greatest upheavals to strike the 21st century, with the outbreak of COVID-19 virus since late 2019. In the face of this enormous pandemic, many have been seeking answers to why this is happening. Why is the nature of this pandemic such that, social distancing and hygiene is the only solution, irrespective of the best medical technology or wealth that is available across the globe? The virus has managed to transcend across borders, cultures, religion and society, crippling even the richest nations and royalties.

History is testimony that roughly every 100 years a global shift occurs that steers the earth towards optimizing itself.  This pandemic because of COVID-19 too is here to create a huge global metamorphosis. If you think of it, isn’t the current lockdown and social distancing forcing everyone to pause and introspect?

Nature has its way to bring a shift in consciousness. The microbial virus is just a guest that is coming into an environment where it can thrive. You are the host of this virus. A guest can only be at a party where the host has invited them. An invader can always be kicked out by a host. Then why is it that people are unable to eliminate this COVID-19 virus from their body? Some people recover fast while some are unable to survive. Some are infected instantaneously, whereas some are left unscathed.

We need to understand that this virus has come to teach us some valuable lessons and show us the mirror to what we breed within us. The energy of grief, sorrow, unworthiness, fear, jealousy and hatred is the real virus within us. If we need to decode from a karmic perspective, it can be said that the saturation of unwholesome thoughts in the global consciousness is what could have unleashed this viral pandemic. The time has come for the accumulated dense energy on earth to be lifted, with global sanitation and hygiene drives being a clear indicator of this.

Hence, we need to go beyond observing this to be a crisis. We need to accept this as an opportunity to change ourselves to a better version. Those who resist positive changes are the greatest sufferers. A shift need not happen very conveniently. It could jolt you out of your comfort zone and force you to do something you may never have done! This is what we need to accept with grace. We are all here for a divine purpose. Sometimes we need to be awakened from slumber to realize what we are here for. This is one such opportunity.

We can only let go of inner vices through deep introspection and Karma Healing. The most ancient wisdom of Samadhi (transcendence) meditation and Karma Yoga teaches one the complete techniques to raise our vibration and inculcate mindfulness. We need to bring peace within ourselves. We need to choose wholesome positive thoughts, words and actions and we need to choose food of high vibration.

You do not have to beat the virus. You need to acknowledge the real issue and transmute the virus to pure consciousness energy. This is not a war, this is co-existence.



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